September 17,  2012



On a whim we looked at the globe and decided we had never been to what we call Eastern Europe (but is really Central Europe via fact books & the people themselves)
It's been 20 something years since Communism has loosened it's grip on this area, so everything should be safe we felt, yet the images of gray blocky buildings and unsmiling officials in drab uniforms looking you over suspiciously never left our minds. We chose the city option tour, as where in the USA can you see towns over 1000 years old? Our itinerary covered five countries and the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague, plus a number of smaller sights.
Our overall impressions was that of a living museum. It's difficult to see even a fraction of the art, sculptures and architecture represented in any one of these cities, much less five of them. Our necks were sore from craning them around.  While a few of the gray buildings were still there, most of the town centers have morphed into clean tasteful shopping areas with a young chic populous. Our pictures do not represent the cities as a whole, but concentrate only on a few of the most interesting older sections tourists visit. Click here for more detailed information and impressions of our tour.