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I've been traveling and shooting photographs on an amateur level since 1967 when I got my first camera, a simple Kodak while in the Navy. I enjoyed it so much that with the encouragement of my photo mentor an older chief, I traded it in for a Leica M3, which I promptly dropped on the deck. Somehow it survived and lived to work flawlessly for the next twenty years. After that I went through a number of SLR's culminating with the Nikon 8008 as my last film camera. I mostly shot slides due to the impact they made projected on the wall. We spent many hours happily entertaining (or tormenting) guests and relatives with photo’s of our trips. About the mid 90'S I started looking at digital. My first camera was a Kodak DC 20 which produced 320X240mp pictures that looked fairly good if you squinted a bit while looking through a 2X loop. I went through a series of cameras which just recently culminated with a Canon A710 as it is great for wildflowers (see, and a Nikon D40 (to replace my D70 because of it's size, quiet shutter, ISO programming feature, and wonderful LCD).

About three years ago we bought a small pop up camper for our pickup truck, but with a toilet gives most of the comforts of a (very) small home. Our longest trip was six weeks from the Bay Area up to British Columbia, across Canada, back down the east coast and home again via the central states. It relived a trip we made by VW bus in the 60's. We enjoyed this thoroughly and have many smaller camping trips planned between our larger oversea adventures and weekly wildflower trips. It's a hard life for sure.
My joys are photography, hiking, camping, motorcycling, and now wildflower hiking, most of which I share with my wife....Mimi. I hope you enjoy the images. We welcome any comments about our photo's or hobbies.  

Jorg & Mimi


On right, my first digital picture.