Sept. 9, 2006 

We enjoyed China tremendously. The temples, royal grounds, gardens, Shanghaiís skyline and most of all, the people, were very impressive. One item of concern from a world perspective, was Chinaís communism and itís opinion of the USA. With overwhelming confidence I can say that Chinaís people, especially the younger ones, and those are the best bellwether of whatís to come, seem fascinated with Americans and everything western. We all had people come up to us and say in their best halting English "Welcome to China" and could tell it was heartfelt. People wanted pictures with us, and smiled from ear to ear when we took pictures of them. Furthermore, there was no taboo subject to our guides. They talked candidly about the Communist government, itís problems, and itís good points without whispers or nervous glances. Our hearts go out to the Chinese people, and we wish them well.