September 10, 2005

We had been planning another trip to Germany and friends for 35 years, unfortunately business obligations prevented it.

Finally September 10th we took off for three weeks, landing in Munchen (Munich) just before Oktoberfest and slowly worked our way up the "Roman Road" and its fascinating medieval towns to the tip of Denmark where we caught the Color Line ferry to Bergen. From there we followed the Hardanger fjorden into central Norway and then on to Oslo where we stayed on a little B&B ship in the harbor.

It was yet another ferry from Oslo to Kiel to Greven, Germany and a wonderful week with cousins to Hiddensee and some other northern German towns including Berlin.

We can't say enough about how much we appreciated everyone's hospitality.

The only problems were overcast weather and the lack of city maps. We also found Norway to be expensive, and Berlin a little disappointing.