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  • Up the scenic Kern River Canyon or Hwy 178. Quite a change from droning along Highway 5. width:726;;height:484
  • Charming little town of Kernville. It was forced to move here in the 40's due to high waters of the new dam. width:400;;height:600
  • The Kern River basin from our campground with with Wofford in the background. width:804;;height:536
  • Camp 9 on the eastern shore, with a nice view of lake Isabella. width:726;;height:484
  • A shot from the campground in the evening. width:400;;height:600
  • Scenic Trona. width:804;;height:474
  • The entry to Marble Canyon. width:804;;height:536
  • One of the tighter spots. width:726;;height:484
  • The entry to Falls Canyon. We're told it gets quite scenic a half mile further up. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. width:400;;height:600
  • This rugged fellow had broken down in the out-back and was rebuilding his diesel engine in the campground! width:604;;height:456
  • Ubehebe Crater's western wall. width:726;;height:484
  • Looking north over the Death Valley Wash from Little Hebe. width:726;;height:484
  • Ubehebe's northern wall. width:726;;height:484
  • Dunes near Stovepipe Wells. width:400;;height:600
  • Hardened mud often forms in the dune basins. width:400;;height:600
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